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Impact Preview: Will Gail Crash Taryn’s hopes of Becoming KO Champ?
Jul 22 2014

Will Gail Crash Taryn’s hopes of Becoming KO Champ?

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are two great competitors in the Knockout Division and will square off this Thursday night in New York City for the Knockouts Championship. The former foes have a rich history of great matches but nothing tops the Last Knockout Standing match at Slammiversary in 2013. There, both fought through a difficult match but it was Taryn who ended up on top defeating Gail and earning her respect. Both competitors put their differences aside after the match and Gail has recently opened up about how tough of an opponent Taryn is.

A seasoned veteran who packs a powerful punch, Gail hasn’t forgotten her loss against Taryn and will fight this Sunday to keep herself on top of the Knockouts Division. Will Taryn end the reign of Gail or will Gail’s vengeance be too much for Taryn to handle as Gail defends the title belt?

Find out this Thursday when IMPACT WRESTLING airs on Spike TV at 9/8C.

Behind the Scenes of the Knockouts 2015 Calendar Photo Shoot
Jul 22 2014

Behind_the_Scenes_of_the_Knockouts_2015_Calendar_Photo_Shoot_mp4_000113179.jpg Behind_the_Scenes_of_the_Knockouts_2015_Calendar_Photo_Shoot_mp4_000069302.jpg Behind_the_Scenes_of_the_Knockouts_2015_Calendar_Photo_Shoot_mp4_000220453.jpg Behind_the_Scenes_of_the_Knockouts_2015_Calendar_Photo_Shoot_mp4_000279312.jpg

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New TNA Wrestling Photoshoot – Set #14
Jul 7 2014

IMG_4324.jpg IMG_4308.jpg IMG_4336.jpg IMG_4361.jpg

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She Looks So Perfect… Taryn’s Guide To Summer Style!
Jul 7 2014

She Looks So Perfect…

Taryn Terrell is your classic girl next door embracing her signature blonde locks and captivating smile. When she isn’t in the wrestling ring fighting for the Knockouts Championship belt you can find her enjoying the summer and showing off her great style. Get your summer wardrobe ready, because Taryn is opening up about her fashion style this season and everything you need for the perfect summer outfit. Her tips are below:

First off, there is nothing better than a pair of daisy dukes to keep cool in the summer! I love pairing cut off denim shorts with cute vintage band tees or tank tops.
Long summer skirts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a day time casual look when you are heading to the beach or out for a little shopping, wear flip flops and a tank top. If you want to use the same outfit but dress it up a bit for a daytime party, change out those flip flops for a pair of chunky heels and add gold chandelier earrings.
Golf and tennis attire is always cute during the hot summer months! I love to play 18 holes of golf at the local country club in a cute white skirt and polo top!
Nothing can beat my all-time favorite summer look…the bikini. There’s nothing like a bright colored bikini and matching nails to say summer is here!

Get your summer started off right by incorporating my entire summer fashion favorites into your wardrobe. These effortless looks will have people asking for your style advice!

TNA Impact Results – June 26th, 2014
Jun 28 2014

TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_003942171.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_004074970.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_004248777.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_004173435.jpg

The Beautiful People vs Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell

Gail and Velvet start us off, and Gail easily dominates Velvet before tagging Terrell back in to get some shots in on Velvet as well. Angelina gets in, but she doesn’t have much more luck than Velvet did until Velvet interjects herself from the apron, giving Angelina a quick burst of offense before Terrell takes Angelina out with a clothesline. Velvet again trips Terrell up from the floor, and this time Angelina is able to capitalize and trap Terrell in the BP corner. I’m loving some of the camera angles in this match, by the way. Velvet tags in and hits a BIG running neckbreaker for 2, but Terrell hits her with a bulldog and makes the hot tag to Gail, who comes in and cleans house on Angelina. Velvet nails Gail from behind, but Terrell comes off the top rope with a bodypress, allowing Gail to hti Eat DaFeet on Angelina for the win.

Winners: Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell

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TNA Impact Results – June 19th, 2014
Jun 20 2014

TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_003942171.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_004074970.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_004248777.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-06-19_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_004173435.jpg

Gail Kim is in the ring and asks us to welcome back Taryn Terrell! Taryn comes out to a big welcome back chant, and Gail says she has to be honest, she didn’t like Taryn or think she had what it took when she first got here. Then they had the Last Knockout Standing match and Taryn opened her eyes because they beat the hell out of each other and gave it everything they had. She was on a mission to prove she did belong and she did just that, and earned Gail’s respect by beating her, and that’s why Gail wanted to be the one to welcome her back tonight. She hugs Taryn, then hands her the microphone. Taryn thanks Gail and the fans so much, then says she took the last year off to have her beautiful baby girl, and to come back and get the respect means the world to her. But even though she won the first match, Gail beat her in the second match, so she thinks they ought to have a tiebreaker to see who the better girl really is. The Beautiful People interrupt this so Angelina can ask Gail who died and made her the boss. She asks if she kicked Gail in the head too hard, because she’s not the Knockouts Champion or the leader of the division, so her opinion doesn’t really matter. Angelina says #goawaygail, and Velvet says holler. Angelina asks if they’re off to the junior prom, then she formally introduces herself to Taryn by suckerpunching her. The BPs put the boots to Gail, but Taryn pops up and beats both girls up and then she and Gail toss the BPs to the floor.

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Upcoming TNA Spoilers – June 26th, 2014
Jun 20 2014

Want to know what Taryn us up to on upcoming editions of Impact Wrestling? Click read more below to find out!
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