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Impact Wrestling Results – November 19th, 2014
Nov 20 2014

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Knockouts Title Match: Havok vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell

Both girls try to jump Havok as soon as the bell rings, but Havok just shrugs them both off, whips them both into a corner, and crushes them both with an avalanche. Havok lays Terrell out and Gail tries one of those lucha wheelbarrow rolls, but Havok lifts her up and drops her on top of Terrell. Havok with a big spinebuster on Terrell, then Gail catches her in the Royal Octopus hold. Havok goes down to the mat and Terrell adds in a Muta lock, but Havok won’t quit so they both let go. Gail gets pissed at Terrell for getting in her way, then they both boot Havok out to the floor. Terrell tries a crossbody off the apron and Havok catches her, but then Gail comes off the apron with a forearm that wipes both girls out as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Gail Kim is going at it in the ring with Terrell while Havok recovers on the floor. Gail catches a small package for 2, but charges into the corner and gets caught with an elbow. Terrell fires back with some clotheslines and a rolling neckbreaker before getting dragged out to the floor and dropped face first on the barricade by Havok. Terrell really looks like she got dinged good on that one. Havok tries to do the same to Gail, Gail fights out, but Havok crushes Gail with a spinebuster on the floor. Havok dumps them both back into the ring and doesn’t look anything but confident as she drags Gail and Terrell next to each other and goes to the second rope. She comes off with a splash and covers them both, but they both kick out at 2. Terrell avoids a charge into the corner, then Gail avoids one, then Terrell holds Havok on the top rope so Gail can come off the top with a kneedrop to the back of Havok’s head that knocks her to the floor. Terrell quicks capitalizes with a baseball slide to Gail, but Gail comes back with a clothesline of her own and then hits the charging crossbody in the corner. Gail goes to the top and Terrell tries for a superplex, Havok comes in and powerbombs Terrell, causing her to superplex Gail in one of those Tower of Doom spots. Havok misses an attempt at a second splash out of the corner, tries to chokeslam both girls instead, but the other girls fight out and finally manage to chop her down to the mat. She takes Havok out with a top rope crossbody, Havok kicks out at 2, Terrell gets a bodypress of her own for 2, Gail hits EatDaFeet on Havok and then Terrell hits an Ace Crusher and makes a cover, but Gail pulls her off Havok at 2. Gail and Terrell go back and forth with pinfall attempt and Terrell winds up rolling Gail into a sunset flip for the win.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

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Behind the Scenes with Taryn Terrell
Nov 18 2014

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Impact Preview: HAVOK Defends Against Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell
Nov 18 2014

HAVOK knew when she became Knockouts Champion she would not only wear the title, but also a huge target on her back. Every other Knockout in TNA would love nothing more than to enter the holiday season as Knockouts Champion and, tomorrow night, two Knockouts have that chance.

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell will both challenge Havok on IMPACT tomorrow night and, in an interesting twist, this match is one fall to a finish. Which means Havok does NOT have to be involved in the decision in order to lose her title. Gail can pin Taryn to become champion or Taryn could force Gail to tap out to become Knockouts Champion. The Champion’s advantage is gone.

Will it matter? HAVOK has been unstoppable since coming to TNA. Taryn has expressed that to IMPACTWrestling.com as has Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Angelina Love. HAVOK has certainly made her mark in TNA.

What will happen tomorrow night? Who will leave as Knockouts Champion? Can HAVOK survive both Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell? Tune into IMPACT on Spike tomorrow night to find out.

Impact Wrestling Results – November 12th, 2014
Nov 13 2014

TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-11-12_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_001007883.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-11-12_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_001131641.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-11-12_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_001287630.jpg TNA_Impact_Wrestling_HDTV_2014-11-12_720p_H264_AVCHD-SC-SDH_mp4_001778594.jpg

Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell

Terrell jumps Madison as soon as she gets in the ring and pummels her senseless. Madison tries to catch a break on the floor, but Terrell comes out and takes Madison right out with a crossbody off the ring apron. She picks Madison up and rams her into the apron, then rolls her inside. Madison asks for a time out and tries a cheap shot, but Terrell catches the boot, spins Madison out, and takes her out with a clothesline. Terrell goes to the second rope, but Madison pulls her out by the ankle and Terrell hits the mat hard. Madison catches Terrell in a three quarter nelson (those of you who only know the move from pro wrestling probably know it as a cravata) and tosses Terrell to the mat for a couple of two counts. Madison chokes Terrell on the middle rope, stops to wave at the fans, then whips her to the ropes and takes her down with a double chop to the throat. Madison humps Terrell’s head into the mat, then just drills her with a kick to the chest and covers for 2. Madison puts Terrell on the second rope, but Terrell boots her in the chest and comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Terrell makes the fiery babyface comeback with a series of clotheslines and a neck snap for 2. Madison cradles Terrell and puts her feet on the ropes, but Terrell kicks out anyway and snaps Madison over with a vertical suplex. Terrell goes to the top rope and tries a crossbody, but Madison moves and Terrell hits hard. Madison cradles Terrell with a handful of tights, but the referee catches her and stops the count. Madison quickly regains control with some boots to the head and goes for the Rayne Check, but Terrell gets out and hits a weird version of the Ace Crusher for the win.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are backstage whining to Kurt Angle that Havok keeps beating them up, so Angle makes a three way match between the two of them and Havok for next week.

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Don’t Trust Anybody: Taryn Terrell Speaks
Nov 11 2014


Over the past several weeks, TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell has learned a valuable lesson: don’t trust anyone. Taryn thought she had a solid friendship with Madison Rayne and that trust blew up in her face several weeks ago. In an exclusive video, Taryn Terrell speaks out on what has been going on between her and Madison and the affect it may have The Knockouts Championship in the future.

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